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The foundation of starting and growing a solid, sustainable business venture is Education. The VQG team have developed and presented sessions on Starting a Business, Sales, Marketing and Going Global for Entrepreneurs and Small/Mid-sized business owners. A workshop very popular with Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations focuses on Trade Show Sales techniques. Working with Colleges and Universities, the VQG team is currently working with many international government groups to provide Workforce training for various topics.


Without a plan, whether on the proverbial “back of a napkin” or an in-depth business plan with financial projections and job descriptions, companies will have little to no success in launching successful ventures. But many entrepreneurs just don’t have the skills for writing the kind of plan that most banks, and all Venture Capital investors, want to see.
That’s where VQG comes in. We’ve seen the full gamut of plans. The bottom line, however, is to be sure the plan has a focus. Who is it for? What is the reader looking for? Who IS the reader? Utilizing our proprietary, copyrighted 3-2-1- Launch Process© we begin by asking lots of questions for a Situation Analysis which results in a clear “Business Idea”. The idea is then researched to determine its feasibility which, results in a focused Business Plan.
    1. Business Plans: These plans range from a simple Executive Summary with a Budget to a detailed plan with charts and graphs, sales projections and proposed exit strategies.
    2. Feasibility Plans: These plans are popular with Banks and International government entities that want to partner with U.S. companies to bring their ventures’ products and services into the host country. Whether it’s a goldmine in West Africa or a Solar farm in Botswana, a solid plan is critical to find the investors and the key suppliers to insure the project is successful.
    3. Sales/Marketing Plans: As Michael Gerber, in his book “e-Myth Revisited” says, “Many entrepreneurs are good “technicians”, but they never become the “visionary” they need to be.” VQG helps entrepreneurs learn how to “sell” and “market” their products and services. If the business owner can’t sell, the chances for success are drastically reduced!
    4. Strategic Growth Plans: No one knows a company and its products like the business owner. Entrepreneurs may be good at developing and producing an excellent product or service, but developing a solid, sustainable, Strategic Growth Plan is just not in their area of expertise.
    5. Commercialization Plans: New products are being developed every day. However, those who are inventing the new products are rarely skilled in writing the plan to commercialize their new inventions. A strong Commercialization Plan will provide the inventor with a road map for launching the product and provide a clear focus for the investors/lenders.


The “Business World” no longer simply consists of selling a product down the street. It now takes selling and distribution around the world. After all- that’s where your competition is!

    1.  Exporters: Tapping into its international support network, VQG works with U.S. companies to identify and pursue international export markets. We assist with the development and implementation of export plans bringing a worldwide network of players to your table. Entering global markets is important, but doing it the right way is even more important. Most SMB’s simply cannot afford to make a misstep as they “Go Global”!
    2. Immpreneurs: Each year, thousands of individuals enter the U.S. with plans to establish business ventures on U.S. soil. While much of their motivation centers around the desire to bring their families to live and work in the U.S., their ventures do create jobs and insert capital into the local economies in which those businesses are formed. These immpreneurs are seeking L-1, HB-1 and EB-5 visas allowing their families to join them here. VQG helps provide the business plans, and ultimately the business establishment/management guidance, for these new ventures.
    3. International Projects: Working with International governments and foreign entities, supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Service, USTDA, EXIM Bank and the SBA, VQG consults and assists with the launch of specialized infrastructure and energy projects worldwide.

Coaching & Consulting

Our coaching and consulting services range from simple hourly (sometimes as little as 1 hour/month!) management coaching to split cash and equity ownership and guidance for entrepreneurs and business owners on an annual basis- both domestically and globally. Our coaching staff brings experience in the formation of over 50 companies, creation of over 500 jobs and obtaining over $60 million in debt and equity financing in the last 10 years.
It is important, though, to know where one’s strengths lie. Ours are in knowing the right players to bring to the table to accomplish the mission for our clients. Our business support network consists of proven professionals in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Information Technology, Customer Service and Operations. But regardless of the service needed a VQG Business partner will help you manage the function. 

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